GPI -Rapid Reporting System

An HSE Platform for Rapid Report, Tracking and Monitoring, or all forms of

public and private sector incidences.

At GPI, we have developed an HSE tool that will aid with the rapid reporting of incidents in real-time

It supports the rapid reporting of safety, health, and environmental hazards and incidences.

It is a complete incidence tracking and resolution system and allows for interagency collaboration



See an environmental hazard or nuisance that may affect the safety and security of lives and property? Report it in a few simple steps.

  • Capture it (video or photo)
  • Report it
  • Once sent, the details of the incident is automatically relayed to the nearest designated task force for the incident within the vicinity as well as the HQ.
capture it
report it


  • Reporting of incidences with photo and videos captured via the mobile app

  • Location tracking and mapping

  • Management of reported incidences using the web application for opening, assigning, resolving and closing incidences

  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of all reported incidences using the web application

  • automated email and sms notifications for every incident update

  • Report generation and summary of incident status daily, weekly, monthly or yearly

Rapidly report incidents in real-time for immediate attention and resolution

using our Rapid Reporting Software